Customized Consultancy Services

Customized Consultancy Services

Castle Co. deploys solutions based on customized industry and experiential best practice. Our team of executive level consultants will work with your organization to craft the best implementation of any service, solution suite and correlating best practice. This holistic approach to creating business solutions will render high value ROI, continuity and embedded value.

Properly developed and implemented Project Management Methodologies inherently address basic “controls” that are necessary for standardized performance management of specific projects. As such, proper project methods also support and dovetail with Corporate Governance efforts.

Our team of industry experts can help organizations to develop integrated solutions so that organizations can effectively align business strategy with the project portfolio and while ensuring compliance with Corporate

Castle Staff have a diverse range of skills and experience in technical, managerial, engineering and contractual aspects of project delivery and asset ownership.

Castle can provide front-end planning and feasibility studies, project management and support, and back-end dispute resolution. Our services traverse the full ambit of project service needs; throughout the life of a project. Castle also provides specialist advice with regard to technical and contractual issues, including dispute management, litigation support, management systems and procedures, security of payments, and the procurement of expert witnesses and reports.